Connor addis on tyson fury

There has been so much debate recently about Tyson Fury and is he bad for the sport of boxing or is he good. The thing with Tyson Fury is he is a tall, big and very loudly spoken and brash young man. People like this always typically polarise people. You either hate him or you love him.

Tyson Fury has achieved something remarkable in Boxing. By going to Germany and beating the reigning champion Klitschko in his back yard was an amazing. Not only this but Tyson did it with the utmost confidence from start to finish he showed not one sign of doubt. The thing I really admire about Tyson Fury is his absolute self belief. This is incredible and the more I watch him box the more talented as a boxer I feel he is as well.

He totally dismantled Klitschko in their fight. Tyson made a reigning champion look every bit the robot David Haye used to say he was.  The difference was that Fury backed up the talk completely.

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Connor Addis thoughts on Khan/Brook

I have been saying this for a while now that Amir Khan is ducking Kell Brook.  There is no doubt in my mind.  Well Brook went to the USA and won a very tough fight against Shaun Porter on his home turf.  Those on Amir Khan’s side say this isn’t enough.  That Kell Brook needs to build himself up even more to gain the traction needed to fight Amir Khan.  What I don’t understand is this fight will be the biggest pay day of Amir Khan’s career so to say it isn’t a big enough fight is not a plausible reason to me.  Brook and Khan would sell out Wembley, in a minute. This fight would get attention across the pond as well in the USA and would launch both fighters to a higher level.

I really want this fight to happen but I feel Kell Brook has more to gain and Amir Khan has much more to lose and when you have that sometimes a fight isn’t made.  Amir Khan would forever have to take it that he lost to his adversary in the UK.  That he is not the top dog in his own country.  Amir Khan has done a lot in the sport and made a lot of money.  He doesn’t need the money like Kell Brook does.  Amir Khan could go and fight twice and make the equivalent money of the Kell Brook fight and when he weighs up the risk reward I don’t think he is prepared to take it.

Amir Khan fought Devon Alexander who was beaten by Shaun Porter.  Well Brook beat the guy that beat the guy Khan fought.  So straight away I haven’t heard any mention of Khan fighting Porter.  Maybe because he isn’t a draw which is fair enough or what a lot of people feel he is too dangerous.  Shaun Porter is a very good boxer and is improving with ever fight.  The win over Porter by Brook has not been given the credit it deserves.
Khan fought Collazo who lets be honest is a complete journey man these days.  To say that Brook is not a big enough name is just complete rubbish. Either way I hope that Khan takes the chance and fights Brook because if he wins in front of a packed wembley I think it will galvanise his reputation amongst his haters.  I for one will will give him his full props if he takes that fight.

Mayweather is retired, Pacquiao rightfully is fighting Tim Bradley. I think this is the perfect exit for Pacquiao.  So you now need to create your own legacy and not piggy back off other peoples. Create it now with a fight at Wembley in front of 100K people against Brook. I have the fight slightly in favour of Brook but only narrowly.

amir-khan_1793491c amir-khan-boxing-las-vegas_3240664 fightaction-1024 Kell_Brook_boxer Kell Brook wants to get back in the ring quickly after having beaten Jo Jo Dan, and could return as kell-brook-boxing-title_3283373